Why YOU Should Get Organized TODAY! 

Being organized is not just about having a clutter-free home. There are many other advantages as well. Here are just a few....

  1. Reduce stress, frustration and that overwhelming feeling that comes with being disorganized. 
  2. Be more efficient and productive at work and at home.
  3. Find what you need quicker and easier. 
  4. Reduce clutter and find more storage space.
  5. Create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your home.
  6. Invite friends and family over without being embarrassed by a messy home.
  7. Gain control over your finances and find more ways to save money.
  8. Have more time for friends and family.
  9. Achieve goals and advance in your career.
  10. Gain more confidence and create a more positive outlook on life.
  11. Simplify the everyday things in your life.
  12. Improve communication between family members and coworkers.
  13. Improve focus and concentration.
  14. Improve health.
  15. Remember important dates.
  16. Be on time for appointments and special events.
  17. Remember to bring important items with you when you leave home.
  18. Become a role model for your kids and teach them how to get organized so they will be more successful in life.
  19. Feel a sense of accomplishment and remove that weight off your shoulders.
  20. Have more time to relax and enjoy your life.

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   "Organization isn't about perfection; it's about efficiency, saving time and money, reducing stress and clutter and improving your overall quality of life."

- Christina Scalise, Organize Your Life and More

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So... what are Daily Do It's you ask? Daily Do Its are daily organizing tips and challenges that help you get organized throughout the year in a way that will ALSO help you maintain organization for years to come. Some are quick and easy; and some are more challenging than others.

How it works: Do each daily task (every month) as shown - OR - each month, simply choose the tasks that are most important to you and get those done.
It's completely up to YOU! 
·If you want to challenge yourself...do as many as you can.
·If you want to be more organized in certain areas of your life and/or home...choose the ones that you think will be most beneficial.
·If you just want to improve your organizational skills, and maybe learn a few great organizing tips along the way...read through and mark those that interest you.
If you miss a day, it's okay; just start again tomorrow. It's like going to the gym...yes, it's better to keep up with it each day if you'd like the most beneficial results. But, YOU are in control and can choose how much you'd like to get done at your own pace. 
Bottom line... YOU CAN DO IT!!!  You CAN get organized!  

Remember... "Organization isn't about perfection; it's about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life." - Christina Scalise, Organize Your Life and More

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Are you ready for a challenge?


Do all moms really have X-ray vision and eyes in the back of their heads? Author Christina Scalise’s kids think so. And the New York author isn’t above using her maternal superpowers to deal with the challenges of childrearing. How else could she accomplish such seemingly impossible feats as getting three kids to try brussels sprouts for the first time? 

Scalise may not actually be more powerful than a locomotive, but she’s able to get her family to hang the toilet paper in the “over” position—most of the time, anyway. And she may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but if her kids accidentally leave their dirty clothes on the floor, they know their wayward apparel could likely end up dangling from the nearby treetops, faster than a speeding bullet. 

“Life is way too short,” says Scalise, “so try to enjoy every minute of it with a sense of humor! 

With that kind of outlook on life’s crazy moments, Scalise and her family have often been left asking themselves one recurring question, which became the title of her new book: “Are We Normal?” 

Scalise shares some key parenting lessons learned the hard way, such as what happens when a preschooler finds himself alone with a VCR, a broomstick, and a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. 

“I originally started writing this book as a journal of stories for my kids to read when they were older and had children of their own—a few funny stories they could tell our future grandchildren about,” she says. “Then it grew from there, with one story after another. 

After a while I figured, ‘Why not share our stories with the rest of the world? I’m sure most people can relate to at least one or more of these stories. And if not—well, I hope readers at least get a good laugh out of them."

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Organize Your Finances,

Your Kids, Your Life!

by Christina Scalise

DOWNLOAD today - was $4.99 -

NOW ONLY $2.99! 

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Does any of the following describe you?

Stressed, low on cash, low on time, 

consistently losing things, forgetting things or running late, always dealing with household clutter and lack of storage space?

Being organized can help in many different ways...

  • Improves finances, helping you save and earn more money.
  • Reduces stress (for everyone involved).
  • Reduces clutter.
  • Increases storage space.
  • Saves time, giving you more time for the fun stuff.
  • Improves your quality of life....and so much more!  

Included is an easy to follow budget to help keep track of finances; and many suggestions to help save time, reduce clutter, reduce stress and gain more control over daily activities and life in general.

Learn how to CREATE a BUDGET and see your entire financial picture, save MONEY, save TIME, clear out the CLUTTER, get your KIDS organized and get YOURSELF organized! 

No long drawn out explanations, just the help you need now! Use the examples shown in this book to help get you started... example budget sheets, shopping lists, chores sheets for kids & much more!

Organize Your Finances, Your Kids, Your Life is the perfect book for those who are new to the world of organizing and just starting out in life.

If you already know a little bit about organizing and would like MORE great organizing tips or would like to learn how to organize your entire life ...and more, check out these other great organizing books by Christina Scalise... 

Organize Your Life and More  ...AND...

365 Daily Do Its: Organizing Tips and Challenges to Help You Get (and Stay) Organized Throughout the Year.

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Organize Your Life and More

by Christina Scalise

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Add it to

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Great organizing tips 

to help get you started...


Are You Organized? 
Does any of the following describe you?

* Stressed.
* Low on cash.
* Low on time.
* Hectic schedule.
* Late for appointments.
* Forget important items.
* Forget important tasks.
* Always looking for lost items.
* Your kids lack responsibility.
* You live in a cluttered home.

Disorganization can be stressful, time consuming, messy and expensive but there is help… “Organize Your Life and More” shows you how to save time and money AND reduce stress and clutter. Included are easy to follow organizing tips, budgeting and financial information, examples, product recycling ideas, organizing challenges and so much more!  

Yes, YOU can be organized too! Learn the best kept secrets of becoming organized and staying that way. Learn how to be efficient, save time and money, reduce stress and clutter, get the help and cooperation you need from family members and prove to yourself that it can be done.

In this book you will find a vast collection of...
1. Incredibly easy to follow organizing tips.
2. Short articles. 
3. Examples to help get you started. Including the following...
     * example financial layout and family budget
     * example budgets for your young children and teenagers 
     * example chores sheets and job cards for kids
     * example shopping list
     * example list of commonly used keyboard shortcuts
     * example trip lists:  "What to Do Before Leaving" and "What to Bring on Trip With You"
     * example list of "Fun Things To Do" at home.
     * example list of household rules for when you leave your children at home alone.
     * and many more to help get you started.
4. Budgeting and financial information.
5. Ideas to organize using new or recycled products.
6. Organizing challenges with references to help you accomplish each one. 
7. Information to help you organize absolutely everything!

No more long, drawn-out explanations, just the help you need now! Get organized today! 
The results will simply amaze you!

​For more information on this book, please visit... AuthorChristinaScalise.com

 Organize EVERYTHING from A to Z...

(December 2014)

365 Days of Angel Prayers

Christina Scalise's contribution

March 23rd Prayer -

"Enjoying Life with a Divine Sense

of Humor"

Get it in Paperback for only $18.88!

Or Download it for only $8.88!



What if every day you could encounter the divine? What if you could regularly know the blessing of deep peace and abiding joy? What if you could talk to angels? Great news—you can!

365 Days of Angel Prayers is a multi-author anthology of daily readings written to inspire and guide you to experience a rich and continuous communion with the angelic realm. Whether you choose to read that day’s entry or take a more spirit-led approach, these prayers, blessings, invocations, and essays will help you learn how to communicate with angels. And as you allow the words to wash over your mind and heart, receiving the healing inherent within them, you will begin to see that there is no one way to pray for divine blessing or assistance. Soon, you may even find your own unique words pouring out—embrace them. Remember, this book is a collaboration, one you are warmly invited to join.

Soak in the deep peace, love, and joy of the angels. Through your daily connection, you will begin to shine their heavenly light and share their divine love with everyone you encounter.

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Are We Normal? 

Funny, True Stories from an Everyday Family

by Christina Scalise

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Other Books by Christina Scalise...

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365 Daily Do Its

has recently been listed as one of the... 

20 Best Home Organization Books

by fullhomeliving.com 

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Christina Scalise is

also a contributing author to...

(December 2016)

365 Daily Do Its:

Organizing Tips and Challenges

to Help You Get (and Stay) Organized Throughout the Year!

by Christina Scalise

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