Get Organized for College:  What to Do Before It Starts and
                      Living on Campus - What to Bring With You..... 
Preparing for college can be stressful. To help reduce that stress, get yourself as organized as possible and keep a continuous checklist of what needs to be done before you leave and what you will need to bring with you.

Here are two example lists to help get you started...

"What To Do Before College Starts"

1. Plan a visit to your college and get as much information as possible ahead of time. Information such as...
     a. Campus layout and map.
     b. Campus safety.
     c. Health care, nearest emergency hospital, nearest pharmacy.
     d. Scheduling of classes.
     e. Deadlines.
     f. School events calendar.
     g. School website.
     h. Where to purchase books.
     i. Where to purchase other items you may need throughout the year.
     j. Names and contact information of school personnel.
     k. Places to study.
     l. Where to get help for classes.
     m. Financial costs and funding.
          * Secure funding.
          * Payment deadlines.
          * Meal plan or meal card amounts.
          * Prepare a budget and stick to it throughout the year.
          * Set up a checking account.
2. Create a contact list to bring with you. Include all emergency numbers on this list.
3. Create a budget, secure funding & make sure all finances are accessible.
4. Set up your class schedule and purchase any books you will need for classes.
5. Purchase a meal plan/meal card.
6. Contact any roommate(s) to discuss what may be needed for the room.
7. If necessary, visit your family doctor and dentist for a check-up and transfer any prescriptions you may need to a pharmacy closest to your college.
8. Clean your room at home. Toss, recycle or donate the items you no longer want or need and clean and organize the rest. Whether you are a commuting student or living on campus, coming home to a room that is unorganized and filled with clutter can be very distracting and stressful.
9. Shop for any items you may need and start packing.

"Living on Campus - What to Bring With You"

Most dorm rooms now come with a bed, desk, chair, closet and dresser (If you will be living off campus, check to see if you will need these items). Before purchasing any new item for your dorm room, check with your college to see what will be supplied and what rules and regulations are in effect. Most colleges limit the size of microwaves and refrigerators and most mattresses will need extra-long sheets. Also, check with any future roommates to decide on who will be providing shared items such as a microwave, refrigerator, television, etc.

Items you may want or need to bring with you...

School Supplies:
Paper, notebooks
Highlighters, markers
Pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners
White out, white out tape
Paperclips, binder clips
Calculator / scientific calculator
Book light
Audio recorder
Post-it tabs/page markers
Laptop with carrying case and cooling station
Wireless mouse
USB flash drive/memory stick
Stapler, staples
Printer, ink/toner, printer paper
Paper shredder
Index cards
Stamps, envelopes
Folders, binders

Food Supplies:
Utensils, microwave safe plates and bowls
Glasses, cups, coffee mugs, travel mug, water bottle
Can/bottle opener
Bag clips, food storage containers
Coffee maker
Small refrigerator

* Check with your college for rules and regulations regarding appliances and with any possible roommates to see if they plan on bringing one or more of these items.

Sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants, shorts, socks, underwear
Sneakers, shoes, boots, sandals
Raincoat, winter coat, hats, gloves, scarf, umbrella
Bathrobe, slippers, pajamas
Sportswear, swimsuit, workout clothes

Hamper (folding ones are best)
Laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain remover
Iron, ironing board
Drying rack
Lint roller
Sewing kit

Personal Products:
Towels, wash cloths, hand towels
Nail clippers, nail file
Shower caddy, soap holder, shower shoes
Hand/body lotion, cosmetics
Shampoo, conditioner, shavers, body soap, Q-tips
Tissues, toilet paper
Hair dryer, curling iron/straightener
Hair spray/gel, hair ties
Toothbrush w/ cover, toothpaste, mouthwash, gum
Contact, contact solutions, glasses
Medications (prescription & over the counter), vitamins
Sunblock, bug spray

Cleaning Supplies:
Handheld vacuum
Small broom & dustpan
Waste basket, garbage bags
Paper towels
Room deodorizer
All-purpose cleaner
Air purifier
Cleaning sponges
Dish drainer, dish soap
Toilet brush, toilet cleaner

For the Bed:
Bed sheets, mattress pad and cover
Comforter, blankets
Pillows & Pillow cases
Bedside caddy
Bed lifts
Alarm clock

**Check with your college to see what size you will need (most likely, extra-long twin).

Organizers for the desk, drawers, closet, etc.
Under the bed storage containers
Hooks (Command Brand strips are great and reduce damage to walls)
Luggage for traveling back and forth (those with wheels work out best)

Digital camera
Music with music playing device
TV w/ remote, TV stand, DVD player, movies
Dorm décor

Dry erase board, markers or bulletin board, push pins
Cell phone, room phone, contact list
Lamp, light bulbs, flashlight
Desk, bookcase, chair
Laptop accessories, lock for laptop
Mirror (full length and hand held)
Duct tape
Noise cancelling headphones/earplugs
Tool kit
Area rug (with non-slip pads if necessary)
First aid kit
Lockable file cabinet and/or lockbox
Extension cords, adapters, chargers, surge protectors

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