Fighting Procrastination 

Have you been putting off cleaning and organizing your home or work space because you simply don’t want to deal with the mess? Or maybe you just don’t know how or where to get started. Unfortunately, when we put things off, we are constantly reminded of that one extra thing we still need to do. So, why put up with the added stress?

Well, here come the excuses.....

“I don’t have time right now; it can wait.” 

“I still have plenty of time, I’ll do it later.”
“I forgot.”
“I’m too tired.”
“I need to eat first.”
“I’m better under pressure; I should wait until the last minute to get it done.”
“Nobody cares if it gets done anyway.”
“It’s not important.”
“It’s too much for me to do all by myself.”
“I don’t know where to start; I need to think about it first.”

The real reasons why we procrastinate and what we can do about it.....

1. The task at hand requires difficult decision making.
Solution: Handle each small decision one at a time. If you have an extremely difficult decision to make and can’t make up your mind – weigh your options before making your decision. For example: if you can’t decide whether or not to get rid of an item you no longer want or need because it was given to you as a gift...think about the positive and negative effects of both donating and keeping the item.

2. Perfection is wanted and/or expected.
Solution: You can always strive for perfection, but never expect it. Keep things simple and work on getting the job done the right way and to the very best of your abilities.

3. Not enough time or underestimating the amount of time needed to get it all done.
Solution: Find the time: schedule it in, get up a few minutes earlier, go to bed a few minutes later, do small portions of the task throughout the day and always prepare for the unexpected by giving yourself extra time to finish the job.

4. There is no deadline.
Solution: Give yourself one and stick to it. And, when doing so, be realistic about the amount of time needed.

5. Lots of distractions:
Solution: Ask your friends, family and coworkers not to bother you during the allotted time you will be working on your task. And, avoid using cell phones or computers until you have finished the job.

6. The task is overwhelming / Not sure how or where to start.
Solution: Break the task down into several smaller tasks and work on one small section at a time. To help keep motivated - start with the easiest sections first.

7. Needing help.
Solution: Ask for help from family and friends, get expert advice, research the problem online or simply hire a professional.

8. Lack of motivation.
Solution: Play your favorite music, call a supportive friend, challenge yourself, think of how good it will feel when you’re done, use positive self-talk (you can do it!), and simply jump in and get started. And, when you are finished...reward yourself for a job well done.

Now, quit procrastinating and get started on that job you’ve been avoiding for so long. :-)

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